Did You Know that the Feynman Lectures are Completely Free Online

The phenomenal lecture series by the greatest science explainer in history

Sunny Labh
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I’ve written multiple pieces about Richard Feynman and his phenomenal lectures and books. Especially for the students of physics like myself, Feynman’s lectures have played a huge role in undergrad physics courses as great reference material. The Feynman lectures were made completely free online back in 2014 at Caltech’s official Feynman lectures website, however, there are still many students who are unaware of this fact. This piece is just for them.

Richard Feynman lecturing a class about the Motion of Planets Around the Sun. Public domain Image. Source: Commons

Feynman’s Lectures on Physics is a set of three volumes of lectures given by physicist Richard Feynman at Caltech in the 1960s. They were transcribed and edited by his colleagues and published in the early 1960s. The lectures cover a wide range of physics topics such as mechanics, radiation, quantum mechanics, and statistical physics.

They are considered a classic of physics literature and are widely used as a textbook for introductory physics courses at the university level. Feynman’s lectures are known for their clear and intuitive explanations of complex concepts and for their use of everyday examples and analogies. He encourages students to question the assumptions of the theory and to think critically about the evidence that supports it.

The Introductory page for Feynman’s Messenger Lectures is:

This page includes a description of the videos and links to a special viewer made just for them with auto-scrolling interactive transcripts and other features not available on YouTube. The Feynman Lectures Video Viewer can also be linked directly:

A very special thanks to Michael A. Gottlieb, the Editor of The Feynman Lectures on Physics, New Millennium Edition, and publisher of the online version at Caltech’s Feynman Lectures Website, who emailed me with these links a few months back.

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