Marie Curie’s Scandalous Love Affair With Paul Langevin, and 9 Other Facts About Her Life

Ten facts about Marie Curie that you probably didn’t know about

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Portrait of Marie Curie, c. 1934. Image Source: Smithsonian Institution Libraries. Extracted From:

Marie Skłodowska Curie is undoubtedly one of the most prolific physicists of all time, a sensational inspiration for, not just women in STEM, but everyone who aspires to contribute to the field of science and technology. The Nobel Prize awardee had a life full of numerous ups and downs, from her struggles with higher education, the depression she went through due to her love affair with a fellow physicist, to her death due to her own discovery. Her life is no less than something that should be talked about and written about and taught about as a source of inspiration as to how she went through so much throughout her life and still stayed persistent in her dedication towards science and scientific pursuit. Let’s talk about a few facts associated with the life and science of Marie Curie.

She got her higher education in secret

At that time, Marie Curie was brought up in Poland which was under the control of the Russian Government. The Soviet laws prevented women from attaining higher education. But this didn’t stop Marie curie from getting her education. Her family thought was very supportive of her academic career but they lacked the funds to send her to a reputed polish University. Thus she had to attend Flying university in secret.

Her family had a critical financial condition

When her father lost his job, they had to settle down in a smaller apartment. Also, her parents both being teachers, were very supportive of the academic choices she wanted to make in her life. So even though they were struggling with money, they sent her to a University to fulfill her dreams. They couldn’t even afford proper food and she was often struggling with her diet. She occasionally fainted from hunger, though it didn’t stop her from what lay ahead for her career.

Pierre Curie was a chance meeting

During 1894, Marie curie was engrossed in her research but had little to no space for performing experiments in the laboratory. She was looking for a larger laboratory…



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